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    Advice Needed Building a server for Tvheadend.....

    Over the last couple of days I have been building a machine from parts I have around here. Got the machine built, Ubuntu installed, went to plugin in my Sky Star 2 HD pci-e card and found it’s not Linux compatible. So now I need to find a Linux compatible sat card, I want twin dvb-s2 and twin...
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    Just Sharing This Add TVHeadend to Plex

    install this bundle into the plex plugins folder, toggle plex on/off and then head over to channels. next click the little cog wheel to setup tvheadend. if you setup the osmc pi to my instructions use these settings: changing the ip address to match your Pi ip address.
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    Osmc > Raspberry Pi & tv dongle...

    Installed osmc on my spare Pi, then I installed samba server and tvheadend server. Plugged in a spare tv dongle and in less than 2 mins i was scanning in channels via my tv aerial. Going to play a bit more with it tomorrow :oops: Don’t know if it will replace my hdhomerun.