1. S

    Help Required Is Eurovision going to be broadcast in 4k / UHD ?

    Anyone know anything about a possible FTA feed ?
  2. SimonE

    "UHD TV" started on Astra 1KR

    UHD TV has started on 10862H s/r=22000 The channel is showing samples of UHD and HD upconverted to UHD intersperced with a rather fine UHD testcard.
  3. esto

    4K Test Channel

    I just bought a new 4K TV with DVBS2 SAT tuner and HEVC (H.256) codec (which, as I understand, is what most 4k content is encrypted with). I tuned it to the Hotbird 4k test channel, but I'm only getting the audio feed (I can also get all the other non-4k channels on the transponder ok). I can...