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    Installing Virtual Radar Server - Raspberry PI

    install the latest Raspbian Stretch Lite and enable ssh. to enable ssh you simply create a file called ssh in the boot sector of the sd card. you can then log in to the pi via putty or similer. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install -y lighttpd next install samba...
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    If you feed into Flightradar24....

    If you feed in to Flightradar24 also you can make use of the mlat data. Like this: Had to use my phone to take a screenshot. Then in VRS use the merged feeds.
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    VRS - Splats

    Made a major change today, I ran some new coax into the garage for the Pi and pre-amp, the coax length is now 5-7 meters instead of 20+ meters. The splat is only a couple of hours old. Already seen a big difference I would say I have added a good 50nm +