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Illegal BSkyB Card Sellers Receive Jail Sentence
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They operated a fully-fledged and profitable business selling illegal viewing cards, trading as a Limited Company called Digicam. They used fake names to fraudulently obtain hundreds of domestic BSkyB viewing cards, and then sold them on for use in place of more expensive commercial viewing licenses. This resulted in an estimated £591,000 worth of lost earnings for BSkyB. According to paperwork recovered from the business by police, the turnover of the business was around £2 million.

Passlow and Hopkins appeared at Guildford Crown Court to be tried for conspiracy to commit fraud. Both men admitted their activities and pleaded guilty to the charges levelled against them. Each was given a custodial sentence of 42 months.

The prosecution against Passlow and Hopkins was brought by the Football Association Premier League (FAPL). A spokesperson for the premier league said that the decision to hand three-and-a-half year jail terms handed to each of the two men “sends a clear message...
TV On Demand: A Comprehensive Guide
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In the last two years, the television industry has become flooded with new ‘on demand’ services which are trying to corner the market. From the introduction and on-going popularity of BBC iPlayer, Demand Five, ITV player and 4OD, to the relatively new Netflix, Love film and SkyNow, there is a vast array of options for those who wish to have complete control over theirdigital TV viewing. This guide outlines the highlights and the disadvantages of these TV on-demand services and examines whether they are worth the subscription fee.

BBC iPlayer
Highlights – BBC iPlayer houses a comprehensive selection of the most popular BBC television shows, with a huge variety of areas covered. Drama, news, history, comedy, entertainment and children’s TV. They all get their own sections on the easy-to-navigate BBC iPlayer, which is available through a Red Button service on many televisions now and is preparing to be built into all Samsung...
Come Aboard NASA’s First Mission to Touch the Sun
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Want to get the hottest ticket this summer without standing in line?

NASA is inviting people around the world to submit their names online to be placed on a microchip aboard NASA’s historic Parker Solar Probe mission launching in summer 2018. The mission will travel through the Sun’s atmosphere, facing brutal heat and radiation conditions — and your name will go along for the ride.

“This probe will journey to a region humanity has never explored before,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “This mission will answer questions scientists have sought to uncover for more than six decades.”

Understanding the Sun has always been a top priority for space scientists. Studying how the Sun affects space and the space environment of planets is the field known as heliophysics. The field is not only vital to understanding Earth’s most important and life-sustaining star, it supports exploration in the solar...

Just Sharing This Glamour Aura FHD skin vB.5 for OpenATV images

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With great pleasure, I finally present publicly my latest project, which is none other than my new skin called Glamour Aura FHD-ATV. It's a labor of more than a year in the making and testing!
Glamour Aura FHD-ATV (GAFHD-ATV) is a Full High Definition and High graphic resolution Premium skin for receivers running Enigma2 and the recent OpenATV images.

Due to it's high resolution graphical nature, GAFHD-ATV was designed and optimized to run on new generation receivers. The minimal requirement is an STB with a CPU of 1000 Mhz (3000 DMIPS).

GAFHD-ATV is also a skin you can contribute to. The ipk of the skin is distributed with closed converters/renderers, but all the python code along with the skin code is available on Github.
You can find the source code...
BSkyB to Revamp EPG
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Sky+HD is being updated in the biggest change to Sky’s EPG since 1998. Once the change is implemented a few changes will be noticed on the layout of the home screen. This is because BskyB have decided to completely change things and want their new EPG to really focus on Catch-up TV.

There has been a huge increase in the demand for Catch-up TV and this new introduction from sky certainly makes it easier to find the on-demand content that customers want. The changes will not be rolled out to everyone just yet, but gradually over the next few months it will be introduced. This means that the on-demand services such as Sky Store and Sky+ Planner will now be alongside the usual channels, making things look smoother and simpler.

For those people who have already seen the change they will notice that the new homepage has...
Bruce Willis banned from our TV screens
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You may love it or hate it, but it has probably been very difficult to escape the Die Hard actor, Bruce Willis, advertising Sky broadband on our TV’s. But wait for it, this advert has been banned for being misleading. Hooray I hear some of you say!!!

As a reminder, the ad shows Bruce Willis making a complaint about the current internet speed he is receiving from his current provider with him being clearly told by another character that he should try Sky Broadband because it offers “totally unlimited” broadband.

A narrator on the TV ad then goes on to say this service is available for only £7.50 a month, however upon reading the small print on the screen it states that unfortunately this deal is only available to existing Sky TV customers. But if you were to watch earlier in the advert you will have seen on screen text that states that in order to obtain this service you need to purchase both calls and line rental as part of the Sky Talk package which currently totals £14.50...

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