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Price hikes, nobody likes price hikes and this latest revelation by TalkTalk will not leave customer’s feeling happy at all. From May 2014, the prices are increasing and TalkTalk have decided that customer’s should pay up to £42 a year more for their broadband and TV Package. The biggest shock to come from all of this is the fact that this is the second price rise in six months, and that is what leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of customers.

TalkTalk’s current offerings of their Plus TV package sets customer’s back £15.50 a month, but come May, this will rise to £18.50, this is almost a 20% rise in the monthly cost. Their other popular additions to this are the Essentials TV package and low-cost SimplyBroadband which will be increased by £1 a month, meaning that the cost is £8.50 and £3.50. The line rental that they offer will be increased by 55p a month which is in addition to the 43p rise per month that will be introduced in September 2014. This brings the cost of their line...
BSkyB have now come up with a service that is sure to challenge online retailers such as Apple iTunes as they are now launching a new movie download service that allows the user to keep, this is known as “buy and keep”.

This service which is due to be rolled out very soon will form part of BskyB’s current film rental service which is based on pay-per-view known as Sky Store. The new buy and keep service will be aimed at families who already have Sky subscriptions and usually bought DVD’s but found it easy and convenient to purchase the films electronically.

What this new service will offer BskyB is the possibility of finding a way into the UK DVD market which in recent years has seen a serious decline in sales but is still worth a lot of money. The revenue from downloaded content, streamed content and...
Sky+HD is being updated in the biggest change to Sky’s EPG since 1998. Once the change is implemented a few changes will be noticed on the layout of the home screen. This is because BskyB have decided to completely change things and want their new EPG to really focus on Catch-up TV.

There has been a huge increase in the demand for Catch-up TV and this new introduction from sky certainly makes it easier to find the on-demand content that customers want. The changes will not be rolled out to everyone just yet, but gradually over the next few months it will be introduced. This means that the on-demand services such as Sky Store and Sky+ Planner will now be alongside the usual channels, making things look smoother and simpler.

For those people who have already seen the change they will notice that the new homepage has...
Panasonic is now offering the award winning Freetime service that comes from Freesat to all their customers that are based in the UK. Previously, the Freetime service was only available via a Humax set-top box. Since it was launched in 2012, the Humax boxes have accounted for 40% of sales. Regardless of whether customers receive their television channels through an aerial or satellite, the service will be available to them.

Panasonic have decided that Freetime will be offered on selected models of their VIERA Smart TV range. The interface will allow users to roll back their television guide, through the past seven days which will enable them to catch up with programmes that they have missed, along with the on-demand services offered by all of the public service broadcasters and YouTube....
You may love it or hate it, but it has probably been very difficult to escape the Die Hard actor, Bruce Willis, advertising Sky broadband on our TV’s. But wait for it, this advert has been banned for being misleading. Hooray I hear some of you say!!!

As a reminder, the ad shows Bruce Willis making a complaint about the current internet speed he is receiving from his current provider with him being clearly told by another character that he should try Sky Broadband because it offers “totally unlimited” broadband.

A narrator on the TV ad then goes on to say this service is available for only £7.50 a month, however upon reading the small print on the screen it states that unfortunately this deal is only available to existing Sky TV customers. But if you were to watch earlier in the advert you will have seen on screen text that states that in order to obtain this service you need to purchase both calls and line rental as part of the Sky Talk package which currently totals £14.50...
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