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Thousands of BBC iPlayer viewers were unable to watch their favourite programmes throughout Saturday as a technical glitch brought down both the iPlayer service and the BBC website.

At the time, the official BBC iPlayer Twitter addressed the issue saying; “We're aware of an issue which means some people can't access certain parts of BBC Online. We're working hard to fix this as soon as possible." The issue, which started on Saturday morning, was resolved roughly 24 hours later.

A number of people took to Twitter to complain about the issues that stopped them using their iPlayer service. Many were disappointed that they could not catch up on the Grand Prix, Open Golf and the MasterChef final, which a number of people were particularly disappointed to miss on iPlayer.

Some even complained of experiencing the same issue on the Sunday as well, but it appears the issue has now been fully resolved with BBC tweeting “After a short interruption, services for all...
The convenient update for ProgDVB transponders lists
Transponders list in one EXE installation file.
The way we look at Television is changing, and it has been for the past few years. However, the On-demand services are now changing attitudes and old habits as we now have Television that fits into our lives. These On-demand services are beginning to gain some momentum and for those people who own laptops and tablets, they are fast learning that it is possible to catch up on the TV that they like whenever they want. In some cases the viewing figures are an incredible bit of evidence where it has been proven that the total audience of one show was made up of 10% of those who watched it live with the other 90% coming from the On-demand service.

Now Google have entered the market with the launch of the Google Chromecast and what this little piece of technology offers is the streaming of video from any device along with several On-demand services. Netflix and the BBC iPlayer have both adapted their software so that it can be streamed, but the other option for users is to use the...
Price hikes, nobody likes price hikes and this latest revelation by TalkTalk will not leave customer’s feeling happy at all. From May 2014, the prices are increasing and TalkTalk have decided that customer’s should pay up to £42 a year more for their broadband and TV Package. The biggest shock to come from all of this is the fact that this is the second price rise in six months, and that is what leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of customers.

TalkTalk’s current offerings of their Plus TV package sets customer’s back £15.50 a month, but come May, this will rise to £18.50, this is almost a 20% rise in the monthly cost. Their other popular additions to this are the Essentials TV package and low-cost SimplyBroadband which will be increased by £1 a month, meaning that the cost is £8.50 and £3.50. The line rental that they offer will be increased by 55p a month which is in addition to the 43p rise per month that will be introduced in September 2014. This brings the cost of their line...
BSkyB have now come up with a service that is sure to challenge online retailers such as Apple iTunes as they are now launching a new movie download service that allows the user to keep, this is known as “buy and keep”.

This service which is due to be rolled out very soon will form part of BskyB’s current film rental service which is based on pay-per-view known as Sky Store. The new buy and keep service will be aimed at families who already have Sky subscriptions and usually bought DVD’s but found it easy and convenient to purchase the films electronically.

What this new service will offer BskyB is the possibility of finding a way into the UK DVD market which in recent years has seen a serious decline in sales but is still worth a lot of money. The revenue from downloaded content, streamed content and...
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