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Bbc tv licenses dropped by 250,000 subscribers

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Perhaps it is a sign of the times, perhaps it is the biased reporting they insist upon continuing despite their royal charter demanding impartiality, perhaps a result of the Covid-19 pandemic causing households to cut their cloth, but whatever the reason the BBC TV licenses bought by...

Britbox - british brilliance or bloomin’ broken?

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We’ve had Netflix, we’ve had Hulu, we’ve had Amazon Prime Video - all streaming services that deliver video all across the world to people. But here in Britain, the home of ingenuity and innovation, we thought we could do one better.

The end result was...

Top Tip A reminder - Ukrainian channels to encrypt in January

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Just a quick reminder that many of the currently fta Ukranian channels will encrypt on January 20th. Channels belonging to these companies will be affected

1+1 Media
Inter Media Group
Media Group Ukraine

Sadly this means the fta offerings will be decimated with getting on for a...

21,5° east new transponder for erithrea

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Eutelsat 21B, two new transponders with programs for Erthrea and Sudan.
The further east and south are, the more receptions are possible.
1.20 m north of Bavaria is really the limit.

Bank of england cancels doctor who

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Doctor Who will soon celebrate 55 years of being on-air. However, the Bank of England has cancelled the show from the potential candidates for the honor of being pictured on the face of the proposed £50 note. The bank insists on using the image of a non-fictional member of the UK that has...

Sky q adds netflix

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The Changes and Benefits

Sky Q has strengthened its position as the leading provider of on-demand television in the UK and Ireland. Netflix is now another part of what Sky Q is delivering to its customers giving them a whopping 3,616 movies and 1,436 television programs that they can...

The same procedure as every year??

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Our favourite New Years Eve programme is finally getting its UK premiere at a south west Scotland comedy event :)

Now tv 4k smart box review

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The Now TV Smart Box is the first streaming box to deliver 4K service to consumers. Now TV has been a leader in streaming services due to its access to Sky UK’s inexpensive premium content without having to enter into a lengthy contract. Now TV is using this same recipe for the new Smart Box...

Bbc iplayer plans delayed

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Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s media regulator, has voiced concern over the effect that proposed improvements in the BBC’s iPlayer on-demand service. This has led the demand for the BBC to conduct additional public interest testing to compare the public value benefits against the impact on market...

Perhaps it is time for the bbc to sit down and re-invent themselves?

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Ofcom's latest report

"OFCOM's report assesses how the BBC is performing against a backdrop of significant change in the media landscape. Major growth in the use of online and...

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