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i have a pirate conax card that opens all channels.my problem being is that i only have a 1 metre dish and i don't recieve all the channels like mutv and some of the discovery channels.Is there any way of increasing the strenght of my LNB to get the channels or is the only way to get a bigger dish
thanx in advance.


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There are many elements in a satellite reception system that improve performance. Here are a few:
- lower-noise LNB (normally they are around 0.7 to 0.9db but can be as low as 0.4db)
- shorter co-ax (get rid of coiled extra, or move the dish closer to your receiver). Co-ax attenuates the signal as it propogates it.
- better dish & LNB alignment (have you checked that it is perfect?)
- better quality cable (sat-specification is not the same as V co-ax)
- get rid of any sharp bends in the cable (each cable has a maximum curvature tolerance)
- replace cable if you suspect moisture has seeped into the end.
- for analogue reception, use threshold-extension on your receiver