16f628 & 24lc65 problem



I have a card with pic16f628 and 24lc65 chips on it. I think its a silver card? Which files should i be using on it and which program to load the files. IC prog doesn't support the 24lc65 and picbined doesn't list any of them


The PIC16F628 + 24LC65 type is not a Silver card, when that type is the PIC16F877 + 24LC64.

If you want a colour, then when I have them made as a wafer then there is a good chance that this will be Green.

Firmware you can find if you look.

As to programming, then ELVIS can handle this type no problem. However with the JDM type you can program the PIC16F628 using ICPROG, but finding software to I2C program the 24LC65 has always beem a problem. Still at minimum PIP02 can do it.