2 New Skycards through my letterbox


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I've done a search and found THIS thread but just wanted to confirm a few things.

Sky still had my old address even though I told them I had moved when I cancelled my sub last year. I recently re-subscribed. They sent the new viewing card to my old address. The previous tenants said it had'nt arrived. I contacted sky and told them that its gone and i'm getting insert new ard messages. 2 weeks later and i've got a new card that i've just inserted and everythings working fine.

This morning I find another new skycard on the mat. The landlord had gone through the flat and brought up all my mail that the previous people had just not bothered to send to me.

So I have 2 cards....can i do anything with the other? I have a panasonic db30 with a free to view card in it and was wondering what would happen if i popped the spare new card in it. I'm not trying to get something for nothing - but sky have had subs out of me for 8 years plus extra subs etc. They probably even get a cut of my tivo sub for handling the customer service side of things for tivo!

Your advice appreciated.




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The earlier new card (the one sent to your old address) will almost certainly have been cancelled when they issued you with a replacement one.

However mistakes are made, people have had Sky free for months and sometimes even over a year when cancelled subs never turned into cancelled cards. Who knows, perhaps with the address change and so on things might have gone wrong.

You might as well try it in the Panasonic 30, with the phone line unplugged Sky will never know the card turned up, if you get nothing or just a couple of FTV channels there’s no loss and who knows you might be lucky.