28.2E and 19.2E digital ??



Well, SKY are finally going to turn off my analog channels on 19.2E. I would just switch to the Sky digital stuff at 28.2, but there are also free channels on 19.2 (in digital) that I'd like to keep. Of course, Sky are their usualy helpful selves(!).

What are my options??

I need some good suggestions for receivers (without breaking the bank) and how does a dual-LNB setup work with digital. My Pace analog receiver has two LNB inputs but now I see there is something called DiSeqC so I am guessing I will have two LNBs but only one cable back to the receiver?

Are 28.2 and 19.2 close enough together to do this from one dish or will I end up with my old analog dish pointing at 19.2 and a new one pointin at 28.2 (am I even "allowed" 2 dishes??)

A lot of questions I know, but I would be grateful for any help

Thanks again

Phil G


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please only post a given question to a single forum.
I note that this has been answered in the other forum you posted to on this board.