29/07/03...BBC regional services launch on Sky


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The BBC has added all of its regional services to the Sky Digital line up this morning. This includes BBC One and BBC Two (101 and 102), which should now be labeled as your regionalised BBC channels. Other BBC One and Two regions from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are now also available on the Sky EPG between 941 and 962. Also from today, BBC One channels will sport a new on screen ident informing viewers' which regional service you have switched on to. These 'DOGs' will however be removed later on tonight according to the BBC website. They have only been added for testing purposes.

29/07/03 EPG positioning for BBC One/Two regions confirmed

EPG No. Channel Frequency Location
101 BBC One local
102 BBC Two local

941 BBC One Scotland 10.803 Glasgow
942 BBC One Wales 10.803 Cardiff
943 BBC One Northern Ireland 10.773 Belfast
944 BBC One London 10.773 London
945 BBC One North East & Cumbria 10.818 Newcastle
946 BBC One Yorkshire 10.788 Leeds
947 BBC One East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire 10.788 Hull
948 BBC One North West 10.788 Manchester
949 BBC One West Midlands 10.788 Birmingham
950 BBC One East Midlands 10.788 Nottingham
951 BBC One East (East edition) 10.788 Norwich
952 BBC One East (West edition) 10.847 Cambridge
953 BBC One South East 10.818 Tunbridge Wells
954 BBC One South 10.818 Southampton
955 BBC One South (Oxford) 10.818 Oxford
956 BBC One West 10.818 Bristol
957 BBC One South West 10.818 Plymouth
958 BBC One Channel Islands (Launches Autumn 2003) 10.847 Jersey
959 BBC Two England 10.773 London
960 BBC Two Scotland 10.803 Glasgow
961 BBC 2W (BBC Two Wales) 10.803 Cardiff
962 BBC Two Northern Ireland 10.803 Belfast

These channels can also be manually tuned by entertaing the following parameters: 10.773 & 10.803 are
Horizontal polarisation. 10.788, 10.818 & 10.847 are Vertical polarisation. Symbol rate: 22.0 & FEC: 5/6.
Your Sky EPG should have automatically been updated with BBC regional services being available from EPG 941.

source:s k y d i g i t a l . m e d i a b u l l e t



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And the good news is anyone who has an FTV card will get their correct BBC1 at position 101. So you don't have to subscribe to $ly just yet.

Can also confirm that this works on both old (light blue) and new (dark blue) cards. Both cards are also still working on ITV/C4/five at the moment. Long may they continue.