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2d and the rain

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As I said before here in Bologna,Italy I can watch the 2d most of the time with a 125 cm dish..but after many months of dry weather the rain is here again and it's a good thing,but not so good for the reception of the weacker channels,BBC2,ITV2,etc.. The problem is not caused by thick clouds,but by the drops of rain that don't slip away from the surface of the dish (and lnb )for too long .So,If I want to see the end of something I have to go to the terrace on the roofs and clean the dish and the lnb with a sponge. If the rain has ended all is ok,but if it's still raining I have to go to clean the lot every ten minutes. I just want to know if there is a liquid or a spry or something else who could help the rain to slip away quicker because to go up and down could be a good exercise but I'd like to choose the right moment to do it.Thanks. L.L.


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Hi Ugania, there is a spray around, it's made for car windscreens and repels water, you may even get away with using the spray designed for shower cubicles, this does the same type of thing.

Old Fred

Or WD-40 for a quick fix.

Oil will do but it will pick up dust eventually and require cleaning.