3G iPhone date confirmed?

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Jun 26, 2007
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According to Gizmodo, a source very close to the 3G iPhone launch has confirmed the device will not only be announced on the 9th June, but will be launched around the same date.
The second generation iPhone was originally thought to take up to six months to hit some countries, a la the first generation, but it seems the release will be happening within a month.
Wind in the sales
The release of the device will also coincide with a change in sales policy: for instance the iPhone will no longer be offered at a fixed price point, thus enabling greater competition in the countries with multiple carriers, and will be available in certain country’s flagship stores, going on further release nationwide a short while later.
O2 has recently come out and said there will be an announcement with Apple in the ‘coming weeks’ which hints at the launch being imminent.
The 3G iPhone will offer a number of extra features, as well as adding connectivity to the multitude of potential buyers, likely to include the opportunity to buy songs via iTunes over the 3G network, rather than solely through WiFi.