4th Generation card

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Technomate 77552VA2CI
80cm dish motorized.
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Hi,can someboby please help me,I have a Technomate 7755 2VA2CI.
I purchased a 4th Generation card,and when I insert it into the bottom slot on the receiver,it shows on the TV screen "Check the card".I set the slot in the memu for the bottom slot.I have tried several satellites,like hotbird and astra 19.I do not know much about this because I am new at it.Thank you John.:-pachrist


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:-Welcome1 to the forum John Armstrong

There are many people willing to help here provided you give enough specific information. For example

John Armstrong said:
I have a Technomate 7755 2VA2CI.
Is this with the original manufacturers firmware or a patch??

John Armstrong said:
I purchased a 4th Generation card
Which one exactly and what is it programmed with and what cams are fitted in the receiver???
John Armstrong said:
I do not know much about this because I am new at it:-pachrist
Everyone is at some point just say what you are trying to watch and on which satellite.