5400Z problem after upgrading to L2.08



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hello m8s, before I have upgraded my 5400Z, the STB status indicated that I have loader version of
L2.FF and system ID FFFFFFFF. I have read a post of somebody from another forum,http://www.humaxzone.tv/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1954, which have the same stb as i have and also read the reply. I have uploaded to my stb 5400_0016.0200.hdf for loader and HIC10500-02.HDF for firmware. everything went well causethe stb status now indicate loader L2.08 and sys ID 0016.0200 except that my stb can't receive anymore channel. "no or bad signal" on all the channel that I have on my stb, I have checked all the settings just in case it was resetted during uploading loader and firmware but it is the same at as it was before. I have erased
all the channel and start from the beginning and re-scan hotbird and nilesat again but it only scanned more than hundred from more than eight hundred before upgrading.
to make matter worse, all the channel that i have now excpt for CNN and BBC, is useless to me. what i have done wrong and what is the remedy? can i bring it back to my old loader?