A BBC service that let people buy and "keep" BBC shows has closed


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A BBC service that let people buy and "keep" BBC shows has closed less than two years on from its 2015 launch.
A spokesman for BBC Store said demand had not been as strong as had been hoped and that it did not "make sense" to invest in the service further.
BBC Store was intended as an extension of the BBC iPlayer, where content expires 30 days after broadcast.
A message
on its website said the BBC would "continue to find new ways of making BBC archive content available".
"We do hope you enjoyed discovering some wonderful programmes, old and new," the message added.
More than 7,000 hours of TV was initially made available through the BBC Store, with shows typically costing £1.89 an episode.
Offerings included Early to Bed, a rarely seen Alan Bleasdale work from 1975, and The Power of the Daleks, a "lost" Doctor Who adventure from 1966 that was reconstructed in animated form.

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