A surge of Trojans



A recent surge of Trojans has its collective eyes on your bank account and personal information, PC Pro reports.

'There's no doubt that we are seeing an increase in interest amongst the malware writing community in Trojan horses and hacking into remote computers. It is more and more common today to find a piece of malware has a "phishing" payload designed to steal confidential data from the infected computer,' said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos. The company has issued alerts for five new Trojans in the last couple of days, with more discovered today.

And they are using an array of methods to entice victims to run them. Bereb-B, for example, claims to be an X-box emulator that will let you play Xbox games on your computer.

Small-Al captures keypresses when the user visits websites containing commonly used banks and banking systems in the browser's title bar.

'It really highlights the need not just for antivirus on the desktop but also a personal firewall,' concluded Cluley.