AAF-TDT 60 Seconds OBI-BA and Flash Image UFS910



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Lots of new images from the AFF team.

The latest Barry Alen image is summer dream and it's very nice so far.

New type of image with mini boot out also.

Be careful what you flash with, unless you are experienced user leave AFF2.0e on flash for now and just add images to HDD or pen drive.

Info on new type with mini boot.

Image Info
Basis Team Ducktales Build rev1478 vom 19.09.2009
TDT-AAF Enigma2 60 Seconds Flash Image 11 Changelog:
Changelog seit letzten oeffentlichen Release:

Team Ducktales:
+ Schnellvorlauf bei Timeshift und Aufnahmen gefixt
+ Vorlauf und Rückspulen verbessert
+ Moeglicher GS Fix nach abspielen einer Datei
+ DHCP Skript Fix
+ Estnische Sprache aktualisiert
+ Treibercode bereinigt
+ Artefakte / Tonaussetzer in Menüs gefixt
+ 1080p mit 23,97 24, 25, 29,97 und 30Hz als Aufloesung erlaubt
+ allowed 576i resolution in Videomode plugin
+ fixed letterbox/panscan/pillarbox Videomode output
+ fixed positioner setup using steps disecq command
+ Added Edid Debug Output for failed Displays, cat /sys/class/stmcoredisplay/display0/hdmi0.0/edid
+ /proc/stb/video/videomode zeigt nun die exakte Auflösung
+ Optionstastenfix, über Grüne Taste nun auch Auflösung waehlbar
+ Media Highway EPG


+ New Default kingsize Skin NOGFX v0.8.1
+ AAF Panel 6.3
+ Networkbrowser (add rsize 65k and wsize 49k)
+ Network Record (sd,hd)
+ Boottime fixed (60s)(thx nit)
+ Samba Server 1.9 (thx nit)
+ NfsServer with Gui
+ UsbTmpUpdater (install usb imaged from /tmp)
+ UsbOnlineUpdater (install online imaged from server)
+ Settings Backup/restore after Flashing
+ add new Kernel (thx nit)
+ add all needed moduls to kernel
+ add xfs filesystem for large Hdds (over 1tb)
+ tuned cifs netspeed (thx nit)
+ tuned Netdriver (thx nit)
+ MC/MP playing mkv (720p/1080p) over network for network speedtest use netspeed
+ New Mountsystem E2/shel with gui on AAF-Panel
+ remove amount and amount.ini
+ Miniuboot installation on firstboot (this is what i mean, be careful)
+ new bootmenu on start (lcd display)
+ ----Flash---- (boottime 60s)
+ -USB-1-Speed- (boottime 45s)
+ ----USB-2---- (boottime 68s)
+ ----USB-3---- (boottime 68s)

Danke an Team Ducktales für das super Basis Image und alle die dieses Image ermoeglicht und getestet haben.

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