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I am an absolute novice to the satellite world and only got S*y last year.I have now found myself separated and thought wouldn,t it be nice to watch my own programmes for a change! I wish to purchase a motorised satellite system which will allow me to watch movies, angling features such as dis*very, europen televison, martial arts and adult channels. I am based in Nottingham and hope to use my computer linked to a television and satellite system.
I quite fancy a new hd plasma system but know nothing about satellite receivers, dishes, motors or LNB's. I have seen a couple of receivers such as the Ph*nix apollo and a number of techno* te ones. so any advice or help would be appreciated.


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My Satellite Setup
IDD CI24 ECONO MM Penta 1.20 Galaxy II
1.2Mtr Polar MTG yes it has been on the arc for 25 years and is now fixed on 13 East using two pairs of rusty molegrips. Unlike me they never groan but always perform.
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Blackburn, Lancashire
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Well as you are now the boss the first thing you will have to decide is what is your budget for this project, then and only then can people advise you. I would suggest you have a read of the motorised section of the board and get a feel for what it all involves. There are many routes to go and it is all down to your pocket, ability and patience.

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