Activating a Dstv Card (C band 68)



Dont eat yellow snow
My Satellite Setup
Triax 88, mulitblock
13E, 19E, 28E
DM 800HD
My Location
Glasgow, Scotland

I have a C band Dstv Card, mesh dish and C band LNB.

I haven't activated it yet, but have just registered on their website. Can anyone tell me the process for activating the card ? I have friends in Zimbabwe and South Africa that could help me out if necessary, but it would be useful to know what is in front of me before proceed any further.

I assume I cant simply activiate it and pay for it online (that would be far too easy !)

I had Sky TV when I was in Ukraine and got my mum to have the box installed at her address and register my card (Although it still involved a call to Sky in the UK).

I would be grateful if someone could tell me what the card activation process will be.

Cheers .....