Activation of Art Carte Sport / Al Jezeera / Arabesque - Edison 2620 Digibox



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Edison 2620 CX CI

On hotbird

Just purchased the new 12 month card (via ebay - seller has positive feedback for sales of the same product).

Previously we had a 6 month Arabesque card, almost expired.

We have put the new card in the CAM, scanned for the new frequencies etc, but the subscription channels are still encrypted. When the old card was first installed a countdown timer appeared showing how much is left on the card. This hasn't happend yet with the new one and it was put into the cam the same way around as the old card was.

Does anyone have any tips what might be going wrong? I'm waiting for the seller to get back to me but it's out of office hours at the moment.

Hope someone can help.



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you might have been sent one of the other type of art sports card that needs to be activated unlike the prepaid cards you can buy that activate in the reciever

which card is it you bought could be a faulty card