AD3000IP Viaccess Woes



I have an AD3000IP Viaccess box with the following problems.

I keep having my channel listing corrupted with channel names respelled using some weird characters. This is the same for my favourite list. The only way to get back the original channel names is to redo a channel auto-search. But then the next time I turn off and on the IRD the channels would get gradually corrupted again. I do not use SetEdit (yet).

Also, and a weekly basis, when I try to move to another satellite, I hear three clicks from the receiver and the receiver moves to the other satellite but not the dish. If I then try to move the dish from the satellite setup I will get Motor Error for both East and West. The only way to make the thing work again is to turn off the IRD for a few hours before it starts working again. However, the IRD will then make my East West limit narrower meaning that if my East limit is 1000 it will change to 1250 with the West limit remaining unchanged. I need then to reposition the satellites. I don't think it is a heat problem as it sometimes happens just after I turn on the receiver. I use the IRD no more than 3 hours a day. As I said, it has been happening weekly since I bought the receiver 4-5 weeks ago.

I was hoping that the firmware upgrade would solve the problem. I upgraded to version 120 and from the first restart, I get corrupted channels. I haven't yet had the dish error but it doesn't mean anything as the upgrade was only made yesteday.

Anybody familiar with these problems or do I have a faulty unit?



One other thing. I have no channels locked but from time to time, I am asked for a PIN code on a channel I was previously watching and that was never locked before.



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Have you ever used Wolfgang Litzinger's "Ad3000edit" program to manipulate and load back settings? That may be related to your corruption.

With regard to the motor errors, have you checked that the connectors are properly pinched on the rear of the receiver? I have heard of cases where "pulses" are lost thropugh poor connections.
Could als be simply that the (reed) sensor on the motor itself is dodgy and needs replacing. Happened to me once following water ingress. I also lost a motor after a lightening storm.

And dare I say it... take the damned thing back to the place that sold it to you and get them to sort it out. That's why you have a guarantee...



Thanks for your response.

No, I am not currently using setedit. Anyway, I did reset to IRD to factory default and reprogrammed the satellites and redid a channel auto-search. Next time I turned the unit off and on the channel go corupted.

I want to exchange the unit but I just needed to make sure that this is not happening to other AD3000IP users. In which case returning the unit will not solve it as it might be an inherent Echostar problem.