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adding a motorised sistem do a disecq switch

My Satellite Setup
NACI5700, 800HD, relook 400s, Dream500, SS1, SS2HD with motorised 1.8PF and T90 toroidal
My Location
I'm thinking of buying a disecq motor for a 1m dish that i would like to use with my SS1. I also have another receiver recieving hispasat (one dish) and astra + hotbird (another dish). I have a spare connection on the disecq 4/1 switch.
Can i plug the motorised antenna to the spare disecq connection of the receiver? I would use the SS1 to rotate the dish and the other receiver would be receiving the signal from all three antennas including the motorised one although not being able to rotate it directly. Is this possible? Do i have to use a dual LNB in the motorised dish?