Adding channels to Manhattan Starlight 6800



My Satellite Setup
Motorised Starlight 6800
In the past when stations moved i did a channel search & managed to find new positions
(menu > install > channel search > start {auto all}). However, i'm having a problem updating
new position of FM4 radio station. Ive got 2 listings but they're both the old frquency
It appears the "new" frequency is on a different TP,namely Europe Online TP60. But i dont
seem to be able to add it. If i go menu > install > channel search >TP Data > ok >it brings
up list of TPs & its currently on TP 62. Clicking left twice brings up TP60, where the new
position is.If i then click ok, it should then search channels on that TP & add them. But it
doesnt add anything new. Right now, the only way i can tune into the station is when i get to
TP Data part, i leave it on TP60 & listen from there. Not ideal & if theres other TV stations
i want to add, i cannot.

Ive also just got a dragon cam with the sim card for INxtc but again the channel is not stored & looks like i need to add the TP for that, but cannot work out how to do it.

Could someone guide me through this please? What am i doing wrong?