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My Satellite Setup
80 cm dish hh motor teco tm1000 dreambox 7020
cas 3interface
dragon cam.promax tv explorer 2.
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trying to add a satellite to the list of sats. as it is not there 33 e .going to set up..service serching..satellite configuration..pressing yellow button to add new.allso high lighting and pressing select .but there is no responce i am running on the original inigma image with dragon cam at the moment as i have not had time to flash it yet.can not find any other way to add a satellite in the menu but if there is could some one let me know thanks in advance for any help.

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This is how i did it to set my motor up for new Satellites :)

To add a new satellite to your dreambox you need to add it in the satellite configuration after adding it in transponder edit first. On my dreambox i found if you didn't get it right first time the name doesn't appear in the list, just a blank space :-doh!

Menu > 6> Service searching> Transponder edit. (this is the bit that has to done right first time, if you go back and edit it after it has been saved the rest won't work)

Click on Sat then press green button to add new satellite

go back to main menu after adding new satellite details

6> Service serching > Satellite configuration > Many Sats DISEqC rotor > yellow button.

It should add it to the bottom of the list in the sat config.

When you go to Motor setting it will then be added at the bottom of the list.

This is how i do it on the Nabilosat image in my 7020 and it seems to work for me although i should imagine its the same on all the other images and DBs available.

Hope this helps