Adult channels at 1W (Conax)



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With 1-West Conax channels available using Season+emulator, or a card (Basic, M2, Titanium) it's worth mentioning a few adult chanels that this brings within reach of the hobbyist.

- Adult Channel. There are two transponders transmitting this. It's British so softcore only. Still nice to see if only to smile at the machinations the cameraman has to go to to avoid getting any actual s_x in frame... This channel only switches on at about midnight CET. Before then shows just testcards.
- Kiosk9,10,11 - hardcore. I believe it may be 24hrs. In any event, it's there early evening.
- Some other kiosk channels switch to hardcore too after about midnight CET.
- Private-Gold - switches on about 23:00 CET. Before then shows just a testcard.

TP details at Lyngsat.

Enjoy it while you can. There are persistent rumours of the imminent killing of Conax management keys or worse.



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Yep you were right m8 about 1 west!!!!

never mind there is still some stuff on 5 east on the ticket 6,7 &8 channels
also dont forget hotbird still has a couple on there too
multivision 1 and 2
xxl,zik & zik/xxl channels
and if you dont go blind with them you can always go to zone plate on 13 east on 11387 hor 26.174msps and you will go blind or mad or both LOL ....baz