Advertisers 'demand Sky refund'


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Major advertisers are threatening to ask BSkyB for refunds on deals agreed with the broadcaster, a report claims.
Big names such as Honda and Cadbury's will ask for a reduction in their fees from July, the Sunday Telegraph said.

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I think that the second part of the article is of equal, if not more importance, although of course not satellite related.

BBC said:
Freeview future

Meanwhile, Sky's plans to withdraw its channels from free-to-watch digital service Freeview could lead to further trouble for the broadcaster.

In February, the firm said it planned to withdraw Sky News, Sky Sports News and Sky 3 from Freeview and replace them with four pay-per-view channels.

According to the Independent, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are planning to call on media regulator Ofcom to strip Sky of its share in the Freeview venture over the decision.

Sky is expected submit an application to Ofcom for it to approve its plans to change its Freeview licence within the next few weeks.

However, if Ofcom believes the alterations will "unacceptably diminish" the channels offered on Freeview it could refuse permission for Sky's plans.
Freeview as a platform needs protecting from the gradual creep of pay channels, in fact they should allow no more pay channels until the full switch over and even then should insist on a high percentage of quality FTA channels.