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Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

What with BBC1 moving off astra and me not being able to afford a 3.8m dish, I purchased a brand new Humax IRCI 5400Z with a view to getting BBC Prime and being able to watch my favourite TV Programmes.

Can someone please inform me about the following as they mean absolutely jack shit to me and i'm a bit confused. Bearing in mind that BBC Prime is the main goal here.

Loader 2.whatever to 3.whatever?
Hardware/Software (internal)? Is this changeable and for what reason?
Which Cam & Card to purchase and why arent they all the same?
Will the signal be scrambled & would the card need upgrading and how easy is it to get upgraded?
Where can these be purchased from over the net?
I have a card slot so why would i need a cam?

Thanks people.


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Hi Koolclub, how's it going?

The 5400Z can be patched so that the internal Irdeto CAM acts like an Allcam, what version of sofware do you have, it'll be in the system information menu and look also in the conditional access menu for the details of your embedded CAM, it may have already been patched.

If the receiver has been patched, a six in one file on a funcard will open up BBC Prime for testing, as it is in Viaccess1 as well as 2.

Have a look in the tutorials section, it telles you how easy it is to use a programmer, two of the easiest to use are the Elvis and Infinity USB. Funcards are around £8 each and you only need a couple.