Advice needed on a new Digital system



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Hi everyone

well here is my problem, I have a Manhattan DSR 2500 ACPI digital satellite receiver, the problem is that every time the power is switched off it looses all the channels and i have to re-program them all over again, I have been to the manhattan web site and in there Forum no one can help me it seems this is a common problem. here are my questions

1) has anyone had this problem and solved it, if so can they please in form me

2)i am thinking of getting a new receiver to replace this one if the problem cannot be solved, has some one got any suggestions , I need a receiver that will receive FTA and encrypted channels using the proper CAM and viewing card of course, I recently saw a Humax 5300 & Humax F1VACI has anyone got one of these or can tell if they are ok,which one is best.

well i think that is all for now if someone can help i would most appreciate it.

regards alabadi;)