After four divorces, man prefers blow-up doll



A 53-year-old Romanian man who has been divorced four times, says he has finally found the ideal partner - a blow-up doll.

Puiu C, from Turnu Severin, Mehedinti county, says he decided to buy himself the doll to replace his fourth wife five months ago.

Since then he's become very found of his new partner, and says he even keeps her at the table when he eats.

He told Editie de Oltenia newspaper: "I couldn't keep a woman beside me for more than five years.

"So I decided to buy myself an inflatable partner and I am so satisfied now.

"I am very fond of my Caty. She's the perfect woman! Never complains to what I say or do.

"I think I want her in my coffin when I'm dead."