AlbanianSat launches on Eutelsat W2



Ada Holdings has signed a lifetime contract with Eutelsat for transponder capacity on its W2 satellite. The capacity will be used for a new digital television platform called AlbaniaSat that will federate general entertainment and thematic channels from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia for the estimated 8m Albanian speakers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The platform is launching with five channels including TV Klan, Albania's leading commercial general entertainment channel, two thematic channels (family and film) and Fashion TV. AlbaniaSat's objective is to build up to 12 television channels and 10 radio stations. Located in orbit at 16 degrees east, Eutelsat's W2 satellite already broadcasts three channels in Albanian: Alsat TV; RTK 1 Sat and TV Shqiptar Satelit.

Currently broadcasting in the clear, AlbaniaSat will be encrypted by the end of this year in Irdeto 2.

Parameters are:
11.449H; SR=14000; FEC=3/4.

Source: Eutelsat
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I believe the Albaniasat bouquet is already encrypted

Top TV is however another Albanian channel in the clear on the same satellite