Allsats Andromeda for the TM9100 and 9100S


Jul 20, 2003
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ATTENTION: Images should be used in Flash only

The Team is pleased to offer the new series of images: AllSats Andromeda

They are from a CVS prepared in collaboration with the team and Doume
In the future, the experience of the two teams will be sharing
The images are particularly aimed at the English speaking public, whilst Doume's Images are for our French friends.

These images are based CVS ITGATE, version 2015r2, dated 06/06/2008

We have discovered that one of the biggest causes of random reboots etc have been the EMU managers.
We have decided to eliminate this manager and provide the functionality via scripts.
This enables faster zapping and general stableness

Plus some corrections:
-- Resolve unable to register on HDD (TGS100, TGS110, TM9100, TM9100S)
-- Allowing a 'restart enigma' without making a complete reboot
-- Correctly show the logo during the init
-- Embedding a libcrypto correct, the necessary cams
-- Fix a few bugs in the code Enigma

Functional Additions:
-- Access to 'Doume Panel' (double-click button green)
-- Busybox extended, this time including cron & crontab (possibility to schedule executions of scripts a date and time fixed)
-- Webif in expert mode (button config)
-- Hypercam version 0.48 included, and pre-configured for 2 smartcard readers (later updates via Doume Panel)
-- Skins Anex with optional management of Picons
-- This version has CCcam+NewCS embedded and works from start up.( Ideal situation for those with NDS cards for plug and play)
-- Other EMU's have been added, inc Hypercam 0.48, CCcam 2.0.8. These can be started via the script (Green button twice) once CCcam+NewCS has been stopped.

Please also note that Audio is selected via the Yellow button, but if you want to have the Audio button mapped to the remote then place the file called '' (unzip it onto your PC) then move it to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/resources CHMOD the file to 755 and then reboot.

Not always be available:

-- Screenshot via Webif: Itgate do not provide access to drivers to enable this functionality
-- The CVS ITGate is supposed to contain possible 'Timeshift' or 'permanent timeshift': But between us, in the current state of things, it is not ready to function properly! ! !
This part of code has been kept in the images, but frankly, I do not advise trying to use it!
If you do, do not come complaining to us have been warned

These images have given rise to multitudes of tests by the team, I want to thank.
But zero risk does not exist, you use these images at your own risk.

The images above have to default password: technomate

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