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American Sat Digitial / Annalog



I was wondering i have seen adverts for kit that lets you recive american tv. I was wonderin what kind of kit is needed to get this is it worth it? i have no idea about this kind of this so i am sure this is a stupid quesiton.
Alex :)

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Viewing kit - consists of one airline ticket to the US, and one hotel accomodation voucher.

The type of TV I think you wish (HBO and all that jazz) is only available from cable headends in the States. Even with the 4m dish, it is only possible to see South American TV and the merest flicker of a signal from the Western US satellites

Elsewhere in this forum is Mr Turbo, who is trying to receive stuff in Sweden. Hes (assumption of gender - sorry 2Old) going to be disappointed unless he spends a lot of money, or puts up with the programmes relayed via other European channels


Hehe i thought so thank you very much for your help :)I thought that that would be the reply.
Cheers Alex