Amstrad announces Sky+ manufacturing deal



Amstrad has announced the signing of an agreement with Sky to manufacture boxes for its Sky+ service. It anticipates Amstrad Sky+ boxes will be available to the public towards the end of 2003.

Amstrad's Commercial Director, Simon Sugar, said: "As BSkyB's first and therefore longest serving set top box supplier, Amstrad welcomes this opportunity to become a key BSkyB supplier of the Sky + set top box, BSkyB's premium product. Sky has chosen Amstrad for its long standing experience in set top box manufacture and its proven reliability and efficiency.

"BSkyB and Amstrad have been pioneering partners in this industry for the past 14 years and we at Amstrad place great importance on the successful continuation of this relationship."

Amstrad will also be manufacturing the "Sky Navigator", a combined keyboard and remote control. This will be sold as an upgrade option, and will begin shipping in the second half of this year.

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When Amstrad talks about "proven reliability" they are presumably not talking about the DRX100 with its distinctly unreliable tuner!


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They certainly do have that reputation, but whether it is completely deserved is another case. I still have one of the very first ones and it has been in constant use since the first months, I also still see a lot of them about, all going strong.