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an education project ( EU - TURKEY )

Dear Sir,

Hello,I am working for The Chamber of İstanbul Electronic Mechanics .We are working on an EU project which will educate unemployed people or working people who stand to lose their jobs because of the effects of economic policies .Our project will educate our members about repairing and setting up satellite antennas and the use of related equipment. We want to establish connections with chambers or charities which have worked on similar projects.We are seeking support in the areas of project knowledge ,project partnership and guidance in reaching related organizations in EU.İf you are interested in this subject please write us .

WEB SITE : http://www.elektekoda.com

E - MAIL : [email protected]

TEL : +90 212 632 86 62 - 63

FAX : +90 212 632 86 77

Halil İbrahim ERDOĞAN

Public Relations Manager