An idiot's guide to unlockin pay tv???



hi 2 all.

i need some help here, i've been searchin over the web for like a week or sth but didnt find what i was lookin for.
i'm totally new to this so i know next to nothing about sats n here's what i'm lookin for:

i live in greece and two weeks ago i decided to get a skystar 2 pc sat tv card, having in mind that i would be able to unlock pay tv programs n stuff,
but it seems like i've got a problem. i use progdvb and i've managed to decode only the ab-sat progs and some others using the '1563' key.However,
i cant find any keys other than that.i've heard there is a nagrakey.txt file that i have to paste into my nagra directory but i cant find that file anywhere.
I've only found soft cam and the '1563' key.

So, i need sb to provide me with some more soft cam keys or that infamous 'nagrakey.txt' file!!

As i said before i'm a stranger to pc sat-tv so its possible that some [or most!] of the stuff i mentioned is just stupid and effectless.if so, i need somebody
with the proper knowledge to guide me through the whole proccess. [ i have a skystar 2 pci card,use progdvb with the soft-ci, fenrir and yanksee plugins on the hotbird 1-5 sat].

If anyone can help PLEASE give me a hand over here cause i really need it.In fact, i'm startin to think that the whole sat equipment can turn out to a great waste of money and time,
not being able to unlock the pay-tv channels.

Thanks 2 everybody in advance.

U can send a reply to me using this forum or via e-mail:

I would greatly apreciate it if someone helped me out!!!!


Your card should give you many Free-to-Air channels to watch,why not just enjoy those ? it is not legal to do what you are suggesting that you want to do and anyone providing you with the information you request is comitting a criminal offence. If you are interested in satellite testing,there are many many many more places and forums on the internet that you need to read and become familiar with what you seek. However if your main interest is just watching tv then watch the FTA channels or buy a subscription to the ones you want to see.