Analogue,any hack info for newbie please ??



Hi all,
i have an old pace apollo analogue sat box obtained from a friend who upgraded to sky digi. Ive installed it and have watched sky analogue and eutelsat channels. I have to align the dish manually as its the bog standard dish,not sure of the size though,forgot to measure it before i put it up!!. I wonder if the whole analogue freebie/hack scen is dead now?, i recall the days of season interfaces and using a PC,never did it myself as i didnt have sat tv then,,also i was wondering about d2mac stuff,what might i pick up with my standard dish and what knowledge/equipment do i need apart from the decoder box??thanks for any info,,


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er, this board is actually very busy. Of course, some forums on it are less busy than others and it seems that this particular question on analogue hacking has indeed been left unanswered for some time.
So let me rectify that...

the D2Mac hacking scene is still very active. Working cards are still to be found in abundance, as well as software and devices for programming them. More often than not though, the published software is stripped of management keys (you need to obtain them youreself).

But there's virtually nothing left to do with the Sky analogue stuff. The only "hack" still working requires a hardware mod to the receiver, and the only effect is to stop 80% of incoming kill signals. In other words, as far as I can see it's only any use to those who intend to allow an official subscription card to expire and even then it's not a 100% guarantee that the deactivation signal will be blocked.

Oh and by the way, please feel free to post actual information as well as comments on how busy the board is. That way it will get even busier...