Andy and the Frog Prince



Panthera leo massaieus
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Uxbridge UK
"It's a wet, cold evening and the Andy was leaving work, bound for home. As he passes through the car park towards the gate he hears a small voice.
'Excuse me Andy.'
Andy stops and looks around.
'I'm down here. Yes, right down, here. That's right'.
Stunned, the Andy finds himself looking at a small frog, shivering and about to speak again.
'Yes, I spoke to you,' said the frog. 'Please, take me home and look after me. Feed me and keep me warm'.
Andy, not being above celestial wizardry and asks how on earth the frog came to be talking.
'Ah,' replies the frog. 'I used to be handsome prince but was swished by an evil witch and now, look at me.'
So Andy picked up the frog and, once home, did as the frog bade. He fed, watered and kept the frog warm.
The last thing Andy did before turning out the light and going to sleep was to tuck the frog up in his duvet beside him.
The following morning Andy awoke with a start. Surely he must have been dreaming? No frog can talk, still less pretend to be of royal descent. Hardly daring to move, he peeped at the figure lying beside him and, just as the frog had promised, there lay a thirteen year old, fair and blue eyed prince.
And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is the case for the defence."