Apple to launch 3G music downloads?

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Jun 26, 2007
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According the NY Times, Apple executives are considering offering music tracks from its iTunes store over mobile networks as well as through the PC and via WiFi.
The technology firm want to offer a service comparable to their current offering over WiFi, though it is understood the music labels want some variety in the pricing structure should this method of buying come in.
The music labels are looking at wireless purchase as an area of strong growth for their business, but want to break Apple’s blanket rate of 99 cents per track.
The labels want a more flexible price plan, i.e. higher prices for the latest releases and lower for the older catalogues.
Apple has recently broken its rigid price structure to accommodate HBO’s TV catalogue, offering the networks shows for $1 higher than usual, but is apparently unwilling to offer the same principle to music firms.
Knocking Nokia
Nokia has recently begun signing up music labels for its “all you can eat” music service, Comes With Music.
Universal Music Group is pushing Apple to operate a similar deal on the iPhone, allowing users to download as much as they like for a fixed rate.
Apparently Nokia’s efforts with this method of music offering has led to the Finnish manufacturer paying through the nose for the content, so it’s unlikely Apple would attempt so bold a move.
Apple’s widely anticipated 3G iPhone will likely be a big seller worldwide, so even if it cannot strike a deal before release, should the handset prove popular the music companies could be forced into the agreement in order to not be left behind.