Apples bring instructional iPhone 3G video

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Jun 26, 2007
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Apple has posted a video featuring a man in a Jobs-a-like outfit, telling us all about the new features of the iPhone 3G.

Basically, it's 10 minutes of instructional white background fun, where the very small differences between the first and second iPhones are explained in excrutiating detail.

Apple seems a little bit too pleased with itself about including things like multiple email delete, a function that is a no-brainer on even some of the most basic handsets these days.

Hate mail

It also goes into too much detail about the Exchange support; surely if this is something you'd be interested in, then you would just phone IT and ask them how to do it…why waste three minutes of a video telling us all about it?

Ultimately, seeing the iPhone in action does do the one thing it needs to, which is to make people want the device.

Watching the tilt-based games does uphold Apple's claim of being the best mobile gaming device, and the simplicity of the App store is impressive.

The iPhone won't be available from the website however; in fact according to the 'find a store' locator, it won't even be available from Apple retail stores in the UK.

Oh, and whether it's just us or not, calling the new software "iPhone two dot oh" software just grates.