Arcon Sweety - will it work




I hope someone can answer my questions as I know little about the subject.

The question comes about as ITV Digital is going down the pan.

I have a Pace Digital Sky satellite box. Unfortunately I live in a block of flats and it would be difficult for me to fix a dish up outside. I have a window - which is on the correct side of the building for a dish to point for Sky.

I was looking at the Arcon Sweety as solution. I was planning on fitting it to the outside of a window.

I guess my questions are :- I live in London by the way.

Will an Arcon Sweety work for this - and will it work with Sky Digital ?

Will it work 'plugged' to the outside of a window like this or fixed to the window ledge ?

Are there any other dishes like this little one which will do the job ?

Would it work on the inside of a plain window ? (don't laugh if that's a stupid question !)

Thanks for your help.


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May 1, 1999
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Welcome to the forum Danny, yes an Arcon would certainly do the job, but so would a Sky minidish at less than half the price. Providing you can fix the dish firmly enough and there is line of sight (strange sounding expression when talking about a satellite thousands of miles away) either one should do the job.

With regard to the inside option, yes it is possible in certain circumstances, but you would need to be facing directly towards the satellite for any sort of reasonable results.