Arion AF-1700E Can you Help me please

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I PLEASE need assistance about a Af-1700e ARION.
I tries to update the boot and the firmeware but I do not arrive. I used ARIONER 0.24 and AUC_EDITv095 and anything. A few seconds after launching, it posts Err on the demodulator. HELP me please.

PS: I have do also that and anything either.
1. Go to menu. By pressing menu on your remote
2. Key in : 19370
3. Key in pin: 2486
Now in menu – games, you shall see emu-keys section, should you wish to alter the keys manually, you need to enter pin 0000.
If you forgot the pin you had entered, press 0786 to reset it and enter menu or blocked channels.

ARION software Af-1700e
version DTMA2225S170EC
Boot version 0011.1
Buyer version DIGITAL TECH/Belgium
UI type GP1.3 S/W
build date OCT. 21 2003