Armenia TV (again!!! please help !)



[updated:LAST EDITED ON 27-Oct-01 AT 08:46 PM (GMT)]hi. thanks for your help. Ive been playing around with the alignment of my 60cm dish on w2 at 16degrees east and I can now get all channels on the satellite, including Armenia TV but its very strange: After I type in the frequency, sometimes the receiver will jump straight to 15 db , then stay there for a few seconds, then it will cut and go back to 00, but the LED display on the front of the reciever still reads 15, it seems to somehow "crash" the receiver. My dad reckons its nothing to do with us as we are recieving all other frequencies perfectly fine. About 8/9 cn . And the reception seems to be more reliable when I put in the PID's myself then save the channel, although it still cuts and says "signal too weak" every few seconds, though how it can read 15 sometimes I dont know..I dont know why this is. It seems very weird as one minute it will say 15 the next 0, then 5, I mean, usually frequencies fluctuate but never this much. Someone told me to adjust the frequency slightly but this only helps a little bit, if at all. It just seemds really odd the way it is affecting the reciever, when the picture freezes, green lines appear on the osd, this often occurs when the strenght goes up to 15 db (the maximum that the reciever shows) Is this problem on our end or theirs? and have you ever heard of this happenign before? Again, I get all other channels perfectly.. its very strange... ?! I also heard that full c/n ratio is an indicator that you are reciving no signal at all, however i dont think this is the case as oftem it jumps frmo 8 to 0, or 7 to 0, then to 4, just basically very strange. Its totally weird!


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OK, it's a long shot, but do you have a DECT phone anywhere near the digital receiver? I have a feeling that the 2Ghz Intermediate frequency is very close to that of the DECT phones, and can cause real problems.

If you have a digital phone try switching it off and see what happens.



yes, there is a dect phone near it.. Ive tried switching it off etc and it makes no difference.. any other ideas? this really is an odd problem..