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ASBO howlers


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Found this on the BBC news website.

(For anyone outside the UK, ASBO's are Anti Social Behavior Order's) a legal order banning you from doing various antisocial things:

It was when the 15-year-old miscreant was hauled into court that the problem was first noticed.

Thirsty work: The trials of being threatening

Angered by his unruly, boozed-up behaviour, police had hoped magistrates would punish the youth for breaching his Asbo. He hadn't.

Closer examination revealed that he had mistakenly been ordered not to be in public "without" alcohol and that he was also duty bound to act in a threatening manner likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to others.

After the boy escaped punishment as a result of the misprint, the officials behind the mistake were asked to deliver a new Asbo with more appropriate wording, the Daily Mirror reported.

A second clerical error led to an Asbo being threatened against a youngster who even the most hard-hearted magistrate would find it hard to punish.

One to keep an eye on

The problem, said the local council, was that neighbours were upset by the "nuisance and annoyance" caused by the young lad's whizzing around on a motorbike.

A reasonable complaint perhaps, but as his mother points out, it seems a little harsh when the boy is still in the womb.

"It must be the first time an unborn child has been threatened with an Asbo - I just hope it's not an omen," she said after officials apologised.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4743357.stm for more.