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ASIASAT-3S Help need

My Satellite Setup
90cm Dish, Coship FTA STB, C band dual output +KU, d
My Location
I am new in satellite world but i learn from good experts like you from online forums. I installed 90cm dish + dual output C band LNB + one KU LNB + Coship FTA STB + Four out Diseqc. it is combo setup on Asiasat3s for C band and NSS6 for KU. I can get All FTA from NSS6 but i can not get some channels form Asiasat3S. I am not getting this channels

3716H 7000
3727V 13650
3750V 2750
3755V 4418
World Fashion channel
Blue kiss freeview
channel V chanese
Phonix chinese
Phonic info news
Fashion TV Asia 4088H 2626
CCTV 4 & 9 4129H 13240
Zee Music Asia
Zee Smile
Zee cinema Asia

i know this channels are FTA and if i can get other channels from the same SAT then i should get rest of FTA easy. but i dont know why. some one told me that my LNB is not properly set. mostly I am intrested in Fashion channels and bluekiss.
Please help me on this.

Thanks in advanced