Aston 1.03 Problem?


the colonel

Earlier this year this cam stopped working. After about a month working away from home I found the following problem.
After about 2 minutes X-zone kept scrambling...If the receiver was switched off and on again the channel cleared but only for 2 minutes again. For some reason I could not inscramble XXL at all. The codes were good as they worked in a friends machine and I bought some new gold cards to try as well.

I assumed the cam had just packed up. However reading some other posts I wonder if it might be a receiver problem? I have a Humax F!-VACL which is old software (H/W version SVC 1.00, S/W 1.02.02 and loader version L.2.03.) Last updated on 2nd April 1999! Perhaps an upgrade is in order. Having said that the Irdeto 2 cam works fine with official cards...

Any ideas anybody?

Thanks in advance,

Colonel John Amery

satellite eye

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the humax can have problems with cams' i have a 5100 about three years old now not used, it is ok free to air but sometimes it would display cam type some times not i have downloaded new software a few weeks ago also a 6in1 patch but i have not tried a seems some receivers are ok with one cam but not another with common interface.