Astra 2 / hotbird 13 degrees east - 2 decoders / 2 lnb?


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Hi all,

I have set up several Astra 2 systems (sky) for myself and friends here in Germany. One of my friends wants to go one step further and add a second satellite (hotbird 13 degrees east) so his thai wife can pick up some thai language programming from there. His preference is to have a second decoder box so he can watch Sky while she is watch thai TV. He has a 90cm dish. My idea would be to simply get a second LNB, bracket and cable run and add this to his present dish.

I have seen several threads on the board but none seem to cater for this approach (instead they suggest disceq or monobloc solutions) would it work?


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Yes it could. (Depending on whether signal strengths
at the two LNBs were sufficient)
A 20 degree LNB multibracket should do it.

I am sure there is many threads on here about multi LNB setups.
Regarding the Diseqc, you can just ignore any references to it in the threads you do find, as you will be using two separate receivers. The diseqc switch is normally used to feed more than one LNB into a single receiver. But the LNB/dish setup is the same.

Monoblocks only come in 3 or 6 degree varieties I believe, so they are not suitable.

The other option of course is to stick another dish up, you will only need a small one. Whichever option appeals/cheapest/easiest I suppose.