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AT 7010 DCI keyboard not visible

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AT 7010DCI
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Guys, I admit it, I am a complete idiot when it comes to solving tech problems. I have a Kaon AT 7010 DCI and it works fine. I do not frig around with it. Only problem is the keyboard does not appear on the screen. Blank blue screen with input box only. so typing is a hit and miss afair. so I thought I maybe upgrade the software?
But I dont want to start that unless I know what I am doing.
I need to download new software. From where ?
What is a loader and is that the same as a laptop ? (I have one of them)
I do have the upload procedure for the receiver in the manual.
Should I do this or leave it alone?
last update may 26 2003
s/w V02.00.06
loader V6.1.9
(I assume that is the loading software in the receiver?)
sorry guys if you have answered this a 100 times before but I am stuck. I am just a Sat user.
not a techy sorry :(

thanks for any assistance or pointing to other info on the web.