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I am new to the hobbie, so please excuse the ignorance. Since I do not have the capability of connecting my 7020 to PC via network or other cable, I tried to do a flash to the new Gemini 2.50 from the existing Hydra 1.09 via the CF card. I did everything by the book i.e. copied the files to a freshly formated CF card, unluged all cables from DB etc. etc. I switched the machine on, it recognised the card existence, asked me nicely whether to flash or not - I said yes - then it showed the screen "Loadind... this will take a while" and, I am still waiting..... DB is refusing to move on. I stared the screen for more than half an hour, I tried files from other sources, I even used another card, but nothing: DB stays for too long on this screen, without moving on.
Does anybody have any ideas?
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try d/l from a diffrent place the file sounds corrupt then reflash your cf and try again