Aussie Shower Problem!


Salty Tech Monster Bod
My Satellite Setup
Protek 9750 HD IP, Spiderbox 9000HD. Cryptik Digital H-H Mount with1.2m Oval Dish and a box in the garage consisting of 2 obsolete STBs, various Cards and a couple of cams!
My Location
South East England
Bruce had spent the weekend tiling his bathroom..walls and floor. On Monday he went off to work and Shiela was having a shower. She finished the shower and stepped on to the floor, slipped, turned a somersault did the splits and landed on the floor, suctioning her pussy firmly to the new tiles. She tried to free herself, but no luck and was still there for 8 hours when Bruce came home.

Try as he might,he could not budge her "I'll have to go and get help from Bluey" He said. But they both could'nt move her. "Its No good mate" Said Bluey, youll have to get a hammer and chisel and break a couple of tiles near her pussy to release the suction" "Ok" Said Bruce "But while I fetch them Would you play with her tits?" "Sure mate" Said Bluey "But why do you want me to do that?"

"Because she likes it ,and she might get wet enough to slide her through to the kitchen......the tiles were cheaper there!!!"